Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Chile investigates Nuclear Power

Mercopress, Santiago Times, 28 February] Chile's Energy Minister, Karen Poniachik, announced that her ministry would begin a feasibility study into the potential use of nuclear energy in the country. Hernan Larrain, president of the Independent Democratic Union (UDI), said 'a sensible nation like Chile needs to study this possibility' and that ruling out the use of nuclear energy would be irresponsible. Congressman Antonio Leal said, 'Chile has to begin studies today so that we can diversify our country's electricity-generating capabilities.' The governing Concertación party has strongly backed the use of nuclear energy, but the conservative Alliance oppositional coalition, consisting of the UDI and RN parties, has been more hesitant, promoting the construction of large dams in the southern Aysén region. Poniachik said a plan to assess the implementation of nuclear energy would be presented in March."

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